About Hanova International
Inspiring Lifelong Learning

The Hanova International school is a community-driven, independently owned and operated organization, supported by the Hanova Company of Xi’an, China.  Hanova is dedicated to educational excellence – focused on meeting the needs of all its students as well as attaining and retaining a highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.

Our Philosophy

Hanova offers an academically rigorous educational programme based on skills, attitudes, concepts, knowledge and action. Through an inquiry-based programme that celebrates and taps into both the diversity that exists within our community and our unique location in Xi’an, students at Hanova are encouraged to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners and active members in the community.

We provide stimulating learning experiences that are focused around the strengths and needs of individuals and encourage each child to reach their full potential – academically, socially, emotionally and physically.  We strive to promote a safe and comfortable environment where all children are happy, supported and understood.

We aim to foster a love of learning in children and provide them with the skills they need to be adaptable and flexible in a rapidly changing world. Through modelling and making explicit the IB Learner Profile we strive towards creating a learning community in which all members are; caring, open-minded, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, inquirers, balanced, reflective, risk takers and principled.

Our Aims

    - To provide a curriculum that will allow students to take transferable recognised skills back to their home countries.
    - To ensure the highest teacher quality and effectiveness to ensure rigorous teaching and learning is occurring.
    - To offer a richly stimulating learning environment that fosters students’ natural curiosity and inspires their thirst for knowledge and ideas.
    - To create life-long learners with the attitudes and skills that enable them to prosper in a rapidly changing World.

Our Learning Commitment

    - Hanova is committed to providing a high quality education in a stable, stimulating environment for our children and yours!  We are confident that our experienced staff and leadership team will lead the school forward.
    - Hanova is committed to becoming an IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) School within 2-3 years.  In the process, Hanova will become and PYP (Primary Years Programme) and MYP (Middle Years Programme)  school, offering diplomas for year 12 and year 13 students.  We are preparing to offer external benchmarking for primary and middle school students as well as year 11 high stakes testing and Advanced Placement.